Many people come into New Life and begin to call this HOME and usually the

question that almost always follows is “Now what? I’m home, now what do I do?”  

That is precisely why we’ve created this part! We want to help you, wherever you

find yourself in your journey with Christ or in your journey at New Life. Your next steps

might be life groups, baptism, membership, or serving God's Kingdom! 

Here at New Life, we are all about connecting YOU to Jesus Christ
and equipping YOU to become an overcoming believer for Him!


We strive to make a big church feel small through volunteering opportunities

and Life Groups. When people participate in ministry exciting things happen, 

and that’s why we invite you to connect with us!


    The best way to make a big church feel small is by joining a Life Group. 

    Life Groups are a place to grow in your relationship with God while you connect

    with others. Meeting in homes across the area, people are doing life together

    in a fun-filled, relaxed environment and it's easier than ever to get connected!


    You’re invited to partner with us in ministry to fulfill God’s vision for New Life. Every role is different. That's what makes volunteering worth it! You can operate in the area where you feel most gifted or interested. When you serve in the area God designed for you, it's both rewarding to you and beneficial to those you serve!


    At New Life, we believe water baptism is a declaration of your decision to

    follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. In Biblical times, as an individual entered the water they were making a public statement that they were turning away from a life of sin. Likewise, modern baptism is a symbolic outward sign

    of the inward work that God is doing in someone’s heart.